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Fee Information

Each year we reevaluate the costs associated with putting on a high quality high school choral music program and adjust the fees accordingly. Your fees comprise 75% of the yearly choral music budget; without them we would not be able to function. We do offer a series of fundraisers that can help to offset the costs associated with the choral music program. No student will be excluded from the Choir Program because of financial need.


There are two ways you can pay for your student’s fees and charges:

1. Online (SchoolPay):

PSD now offers an easy and secure way to make payments to your child’s school on-line with a credit/debit card* for fees and other charges as well as your child’s meal account through the District’s new payment portal, SchoolPay. For more information on paying fees online, please visit the Pay Fees Online webpage for more information and instructions on how to register and log in. You can also go directly to the SchoolPay website.

2. In person at the fees window.
You can continue to make cash, check or credit/debit card* payments to Amy Spencer in the office.

Choir Fee Breakdown:

All students:
Sheet Music fee per enrolled choir $40


Various fees that may apply:

All-State Choir Audition Fee $50-students who choose to audition
All-State Acceptance/Hotel $200-selected students
Metro State Field Trip Fee + Opera Colorado Ticket $30-SaberCat Singers

Show Choir Choreography Fee- $150/semester
Tenth Bass Retreat $175

Enrichment trips-varies

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