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SaberCat Singers will be attending the Metro State Choral Celebration and Adjudication in Denver on Thursday, November 3.  We will be leaving school at 9:30am, arriving at Metro State to warm up, perform, and be adjudicated by choral faculty from MSU. After our performance, we will eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (bring cash) and attend the final dress rehearsal of an opera at the Ellie Caukins Opera House. The total fee for this trip can be found on SchoolPay, ($40) and this helps to cover part of the cost of transportation to and from the event and the entrance fee to the festival. Choir is subsidizing the rest of these costs, and covering all tickets to the opera. Please bring cash for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and remember tax and tip!


9:30am-leave FRHS for Metro

10:30am-arrive at Metro and eat lunch at Tivoli Center

11:15am-watch other choirs and Metro State perform

1:15pm-Warm Up

1:45pm-SaberCat Singers performance at the King Center

5:00pm-reservation at the Cheesecake Factory

7:00pm-Opera begins

9:00pm-pick up from Elllie Caukins and drive home

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