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Fossil Ridge Choir performances at school concerts, local and state contests and festivals, and community events should represent the choir program and the school community in a way that reflects our values. Each ensemble has a different formal dress requirement. The following factors were taken into account when designating the choir uniform. 

  • The performance attire should reflect the high standards of the school and the musical ensemble.

  • The performance attire should conform to school dress code.

  • The financial and long-term practicality of the uniform will be strongly considered.

  • Whenever possible the least expensive and highest quality option is taken.

  • Uniforms styles are changed only when it becomes impractical to procure similar uniforms or a consensus is reached that a change must be made.

  • Students are responsible for following the link provided to purchase their personal uniform, or arranging with the directors a used dress alternative.

  • No student will be denied participation because of financial hardship.

Attire Options 

Singers in Fossil Ridge Singers (Concert Choir) have the choice of wearing the Forest Green Concerto dress, or black pants and a white button up long sleeve top. Students in Sabercat Singers have the choice of wearing the Black Sofia dress, or a black suit. All singers are responsible for providing their own choir attire. Singers in Fossil Fusion will wear the Montrose Dress in black and black character shoes (provided by you as a family...many price ranges exist for these). Families need to pay the dress rental fee to use the Fusion dresses for performances. 

Suit: Required items are listed below. If they already have these items in their wardrobe, please feel free to use them. You may also purchase them in a retail store of your choosing at any price point you desire.

  • black pants

  • white dress shirt

  • black dress shoes

  • black belt

  • green choir tie (we provide this)

Dress: Dresses need to be hemmed to be one inch maximum from the floor, but not dragging. Hem tape is recommended for this so that changes can be made in the future if needed. Singers have several options in acquiring a dress to allow for flexibility for your family. Students may:

1) Rent a used Concerto/Sofia dress from the school (limited quantities available). 

2) Purchase a brand new Concerto Dress in FOREST GREEN (Concert Choir) OR a Sofia Dress in Black (SaberCat). Go up a size from normal dress size. Use our group code for a discount! Code is 26521.

3) Purchase a used Concerto/Sofia dress from a former singer at a price negotiated by those parties



  •  Shoes should be black, and comfortable for walking and standing for extended periods of time. Flats are recommended.

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