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Want to help support Fossil Ridge Choirs?


Our choir program relies heavily on the generous support we receive from our King Soopers Community Rewards participants. In lieu of other fundraising methods, we have chosen as a program to utilize this program as it is simple to sign up, and participants don't have to do anything other than make sure to use their King Soopers card when purchasing gas or groceries at checkout. A portion of your purchases are given back to FR Choir on a quarterly basis. The directions to participate are as simple as:

  1. Log in to your King Soopers account using this link.

  2. Click on the Community Rewards tab on the right side of the screen

  3. Add our organization to your account. You can do this by searching Fossil Ridge High School Choir OR by our organization number-HP318

  4. Make sure to use your King Soopers card/alternate ID every time you check at King Soopers. That's it! 

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