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The Choice City Choir Festival will take place on Wednesday, April 3 for SaberCat Singers and Women's Choir. We are super excited for the chance to perform and be adjudicated by collegiate choral professionals. Here is a general breakdown of the event:

  • 7:50-call time for SaberCat (wearing their choir outfit)

  • 8am-SaberCat departs on bus to FCHS and bus immediately departs back to FRHS

  • 8:30-SaberCat warm up time 

  • 8:20-Women's choir call time in choir room (wearing choir outfit)

  • 8:30-bus returns to FRHS, Women's choir departs on the bus to FCHS

  • 9am-SaberCat performance time

  • 9:30-SaberCat clinic time

  • 10am-Women's Warm up time

  • 10:30am-Women's performance time

  • 11am-Women's clinic time

  • 11:30-12:30-Pizza (provided) at FCHS

  • 12:45-students arrive back at FRHS in two shifts (taking one bus)

There is a $10 fee to cover transportation, registration for the festival, and lunch payable to School Pay or the fees window. Students will miss period 2 and 4, one of which is choir for them. They will be school excused for the morning if they turn in their slip on time. 

Permission slips are DUE by 4/2/19.

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