Here are some details specific to Fossil students for this event. 


We will all be traveling in Suburbans driven by Mrs. M and Mr. G on the morning of February 20th, departing at 11am.

  • We head straight to Metro State University, where second auditions are held. We have stressed that music must all be memorized and highly prepared for the second audition, and we will be also checking each student in the week before the event. Please make sure your student is working on their music at home to be fully prepared. 

  • After second auditions, here is the entire schedule for the event.  

  • The concert is on Saturday, February 22, at 4pm at the Buell. You must purchase your tickets beforehand from the website; this event sells out quickly. 

  • After the concert, students head home with their families. No transportation back is provided.

Here is the packing list.

Here is the permission slip.

Thank you again for your support and help in making this a truly spectacular event for these students.