Tenth Bass competes annually at the CHSAA competition in Colorado Springs in late April. Many top a Capella and jazz groups from throughout the state are in attendance to compete, and groups perform and will be judged by a professional a Capella ensemble. 

Here is a quick tentative summary of the event: 

  • McCormick and Garner will have buses/suburbans that we will load after school on Thursday, and will be with us through the trip. 

  • We will go immediately to dinner, and then to our hotel (La Quinta Colorado Springs South), where we will have time to rehearse and rest.

  • The following day, we will go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the morning, grab lunch, and then head to Cheyenne Mountain High School to watch as many groups perform as we can.

  • Tenth Bass performs in the late afternoon. Parents are welcome to attend! 

  • We will then watch groups until the top three groups are announced (approx. 6:00pm), and then we will have a quick dinner.

  • After dinner, we will attend the concert that night at 7:30pm. If we are chosen as one of the top three groups, we open the concert for them. 

  • We will depart around 9:00pm to arrive back at FRHS around 11:30pm. 

A few housekeeping items: The fee for students ($115) partially covers the costs of transportation throughout the event, overnight lodging, registration fees and tickets to the concert on Friday night and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Please also ensure your student brings money for food while we are there. Students know they are responsible for any work they may need to makeup for missing school on Friday. We greatly appreciate your support in these areas for your singers. 


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to perform and receive feedback from very qualified judges, and to be able to see some of the top groups in the state perform.